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Top 6 Ways to Know If She Is Right For You

By Dani

Once you have secured a date with the woman you have been fantasizing about, you have to master that first date.

You groom yourself to perfection, prepare a romantic surprise and then proceed to sweep her off of her feet. If her response is lukewarm, this might leave you wondering: Is she right for me?

The only way to know for sure is with time. Don’t perceive her aloof attitude incorrectly – she may just be shy. The best way to know if she is into you is to ask for a second date. She won’t agree if she isn’t interested.

While “love at first sight” is a romantic idea, it is not all that common. True love takes time to develop and nurture. There are a few signs that could indicate that your feelings for her are more than just lust:

  1. You can’t stop thinking about her. This is normal in the first few weeks of dating someone new. However if you are out with your buddies, at the football game or on a bachelor party in Vegas and you keep wishing that you were with her instead, you might have been hit by cupid’s arrow.
  2. You can’t wait to introduce her to your parents. This is a huge step for many guys and not one to be taken lightly, especially if you are close with your parents. Don’t scare her off by throwing her into an uncomfortable situation before she is ready. Wait at least a few weeks and ask her if she would like to meet them. Then prepare her for it.
  3. Everything is more fun when she is around. A true “soul mate” will be your best friend too – someone who makes you laugh and you have fun with no matter what you are doing.
  4. You can picture a future with her. The right woman will fit into your future plans perfectly – even if they involve moving to Alaska for work or traveling Egypt to visit the pyramids. While all relationships take compromise on major life decisions, a good relationship will feel natural and comfortable despite what life throws at you. The best relationships will be able to weather any storm.
  5. She challenges you to be a better person. Long term relationships require work and excitement. You don’t want to be sitting on the couch watching your waistline grow in 5 years. Pick a partner that you can go out and have fun with, while learning new things like cooking, martial arts, hiking, etc.
  6. Your chemistry is undeniable. Let’s face it – the “honeymoon period” wears off in any relationship. If you and your partner can keep things fresh and fun both inside and outside of the bedroom, you will grow stronger together as a couple.

There is no magic formula that will tell you whether a woman is right for you. It is a feeling that comes from within you. While attraction is important, your strong bond is what will keep you yearning for each other as time goes by.

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