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Top 5 Qualities Women Want in a Man

By Dani

Looks only get you so far with women. Additionally, a great car and your own apartment are nice, but they won’t sweep her off of her feet.

It is possible to lack good looks and still get the girl of your dreams. Women appreciate more than just a pretty face. There are a few qualities that women find irresistible in any man:

  1. You can charm her parents. Women love their families, and if your girlfriend is especially close to hers, you need to make a great impression on them. Be on your best manners when meeting them for the first time. It doesn’t hurt ask your girlfriend ahead of time about her mother’s favorite flowers or wine. Tell her mom that you can see where your girlfriend gets her looks from.
  2. You are generous. Being generous isn’t just about buying the next round of drinks at the bar; it is also about being generous with your time and attention. Help her little brother with his homework, donate some food to the food bank or volunteer your time. Don’t forget to be generous with your girlfriend too and don’t let your generosity extend so far that you don’t have enough time or energy for her. It’s a delicate balance.
  3. You are sensitive. This doesn’t mean that you cry during The Notebook. Being a sensitive guy means making her soup when she is sick, rubbing her feet when she has had a bad day and telling her that she is perfect when she is having a bad hair day. Sensitivity is a rare quality in a man and if you can master it, you will make her heart melt. You will be the envy of all of her friends.
  4. You are good with children. Most (but not all) women have dreams of having their own brood some day. Satisfy her maternal instincts by chatting up the toddler in the elevator or pointing out how cute a baby is in the grocery store. If the thought of being a parent positively terrifies you, skip this step but let her know this sooner rather than later.
  5. Her friends like you. Women value their girlfriends. While it’s not vital that you charm her friends, it will certainly help your cause. If her friends adore you, they will speak highly of you when you aren’t there – which can only convince her that you are the right guy.

Not all of these attributes may come naturally to you. Perhaps none of them do. Work on what you are most comfortable with. Don’t think that you have to love children and dedicate 10 hours per week to volunteer work in order to get the woman of your dreams to notice you.

These are merely beneficial qualities that can help you get an edge over the competition. It doesn’t take much to put that extra effort into charming her parents or make her a hot meal when she isn’t feeling well. Most women don’t expect all of the above from you, but they will gush over you if you try.

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