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Introduction – What’s all this about

I love to give advice to other people on how to date beautiful women or on how to have a great relationship. So far this site has been a great success and I’m glad I’m giving so many other people a hand. I hope that this movement continues to grow and for that I need YOUR help. If we work together we can surely achieve the great success we all want! If you’re open-minded, identify with what I have to say and feel you can contribute in any way possible, I’d love to have you in our community!

How can you be part of this movement?

We have a variety of channels to stay in contact and you should use the one you feel the most comfortable with. The idea is for you not only to get in contact with the site staff but also with the rest of the readers! We must work together to make the site as rich as possible!

Say Hello – Please feel free to write in and introduce yourself. I enjoy hearing from people who I have helped with my advices. You can also say hi and share your feedback in the comments section of any post. It’s the easiest way to start!

Dating Beautiful Women Newsletter – Signing up for the Newsletter gives you amazing benefits as well as exclusive content. They are sent about once a month, just enough to keep you in the loop but not enough to overwhelm you. If you find the information on this site useful, you’ll surely appreciate this newsletter as well!

Facebook Group – Get in contact with other readers, share advice, know people and participate in great conversations. The Facebook groups is a great way for you to enter our community. All those who want to get in must first apply to be accepted – This is a way to ensure that the people who join are only interested in giving or receiving advice!

Post Comments – I strongly encourage all of you too leave your opinion and points of views at the end of each of the articles. This way we can further enrich together the content of the site. Don’t be shy – Have your say! Whether you are for or against what the site staff wrote, your advice is of big importance!

More Options Coming! – There are big projects in the making. From our own discussion forums to our more epic things as our own wiki of knowledge. Hall of Fame of most active commenters is also coming. Stay tuned!

Spread the Word – Links are the currency of the internet. If you read something here and judge it to be worthy of greater attention, please share it with your own network of followers. You can do this through your blog, web site, or social network (Twitter, Facebook, etc.)

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