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9 Places Where You Can ALWAYS Find Beautiful Women

By Dani

Believe it or not, beautiful women are everywhere. Of course, you have to leave the house to come across them. To find beautiful women in your area that you have something in common with, get out and do something active. Here are some of the top hot spots to find gorgeous women:

Get out and join your local gym. Try the community center gym, which is significantly less intimidating than a private gym. You will often find fit women hitting the cardio machines in the early evening after work. Hit the machine next to one of them and start up a conversation! (“How does this machine work?”).

Join an activity club. Almost every community has some form of co-ed sports group. Try volleyball, ultimate Frisbee, soccer – ask the team to go out for drinks after a game. Better still, throw a party and ask your female teammates to come and bring a friend.

Some communities have outdoor activities specifically marketed for singles. What better way to meet a fit and hot single woman than on a hike, bike ride or jog? It is easy to open up and talk to someone when you have already established that you have something in common.

Do you have a beach near you? Beaches are literally swarming with hot, scantily-clad women. Talk a stroll, pick one out and pull up a towel. Break the ice by asking her how warm the water is. Be daring and ask her to spray sunscreen on your back!

Swallow your pride and join a dance class. We won’t tell your buddies. Women love romantic men and they will be instantly attracted to a man who can dance! Better still, you could be paired up with an eligible and gorgeous woman right in your class. Ask her if she can stay late to practice your routine.

Sign up for a cooking class. You can find many single women in a cooking class who come alone and need to be paired up with a partner. Cooking is also a great bonding experience.

The bars are full of hot and often single women. Many women hit the bar just to meet a man so your odds of picking one up there is very good. Situate yourself within close eye contact to the object of your affection and lock eyes a few times. The one thing to weary of in the bar is for the lush party girl – beware of such disasters and steer clear of them.

Meeting women does not have to cost much money. Have you ever walked through a library and noticed how many beautiful women are lurking between the aisles? Probably not –but they are there! A public library is where many women go to study for the college classes. Try it out, as long as you aren’t intimidated by brains!

Lastly, a coffee shop is an affordable and easy place to meet women. Situate yourself on a chair with a good view of the barista. There is so much traffic in a coffee shop; you will be surprised at how many busy, professional women pop in for their afternoon java.

Beautiful women are everywhere – you just need to get out there. Don’t rely on meeting women on the internet because pictures can be deceiving. Sign up for a class that interests you or take part in an outdoor activity. Use your charm and wit to seduce her and let cupid take it from there.

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